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Wabi Brass Coffee Spoon Set

Made of pure brass. 

Sourced from a husband and wife duo in Delhi, India.

This flatware embraces the natural expression of the understated elegance of everything imperfect. This set features the anomalies that arise from the process of casting and add uniqueness to each one of them. They are a beautiful & rustic addition to any dinner party & are sturdy enough for everyday use.

This design and process encapsulates the designer's mission to get modern Indian goods out in the world and help shape the perception of Indian aesthetic for this century. Good materials with great craftsmanship & balancing clean aesthetics with their Indian roots.

Sold as a Set of 4

Care: All brass products have a natural living finish that will evolve and darken with use. Hand wash with mild soap. For the darkening of brass, a quick polish with a jewelry cloth will bring it back to its original luster.