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Stoneshard Riverstone Large Platter

There is stoneware and then there is stoneware. The Stoneshard collection is real stoneware because extremely skilled artisans cut, sand, and polish it from real river stones. The plates and platters are polished smooth on both sides. You can wash Stoneshard in the dishwasher but we recommend you hand wash to retain the hand polished surface. 

  • Decorative, yet functional serving platter or tray.
  • Can be heated in the oven or cooled in the freezer to help maintain the temperature of the food being served.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Dishwasher Safe, but Hand Wash recommended to preserve the hand polished surface.
  • Dimensions: Large - 15.8" w x 7.8" d x 0.6" h
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.