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Snowdrop hand thrown Mugs

Our smallest mug so far! A gorgeous combination of a translucent white glaze and exposed clay at the base lends it an elegant & artistic appeal. We hope this one becomes just the right chai partner as you stare wistfully out the window.

Hand-thrown & made with ceramic stoneware. Features a glossy white glaze finish. Made of non-toxic, food-safe material.

Oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Handmade in India.

8 cms width X 6.5 cms height ~200 ml

Please note, that each handmade piece is unique and may contain slight variations in colour, size and shape. Using clay sourced from Pondicherry, each piece is handmade, formed, and then heated in a single firing system to 2160 ºF (1180 ºC). These temperatures allow for a special bonding between the clay and the glazed surface, making it exceptionally durable.