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Scarab Card

Made using a combination of foil and emboss stamping on post-consumer American vellum paper.

Sourced from third generation New England craftsmen

Summon the invisible, granted to the beholder. The Amulet series embody the mysteries of relics and customs of antiquity, including Ancient Greece and Rome, North Africa and the Middle East. Custom card size with a signature envelope. Limited edition print.

Popular in Ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle symbolized the sun god, Khepri. Scarabs represented the heavenly cycles, rebirth and renewal, as the life-giving sun rose and set each day. Through the ages, these amulets were worn as a protective talisman.

Inside: Blank
Back: Amulet - Egypt, approx. 2000 BC

Size: 4.75 W x 7.25 H in.