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Round Tuit

WHAT IS A ROUND TUIT: A “Round Tuit” is a clever twist on the classic expression, “when I get around to it”. It’s often a circular shaped object or stone and serves as your personal catalyst to conquer tasks that might otherwise be postponed. Also know as a talisman, these tokens are thought to have magic powers, bring good luck and can be passed on as a meaningful gift or motivational tool. This is CLAY + CRAFT’s play on a Round Tuit. It is more than a symbolic object; it is your push, your spark of inspiration. Carry it with you, embrace the power and seize the moment.

THE BACK STORY: Nicole here, Owner/Artist of CLAY + CRAFT. I first learned about a Round Tuit when my mom, a school teacher for 30+ years, passed away in 2014, I learned she would gift her students Round Tuit’s to help those that struggled completing assignments. I fell in love with the idea. This creative business wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the long list of to do’s - many exciting, most undesired. Through sharing my craft, I’ve learned its less about teaching the how to and more about encouraging action. So, in late 2023 with select orders I begin gifting a Round Tuit. Recipients embraced the concept and asked if I would sell them. So, in 2024, voila!

Made by Nicole Novena of Clay and Craft.