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Omori Warousoku Candle

Small size candles are perfect for lighting at meditation. Each candle burns for approximately half an hour, use the candle snuffer to put out the flame for re-lighting.

About: Genuine Japanese traditional candles Wa-rousoku made with all careful handwork using Ha-ze sumac wax by OMORI Candles who focuses on producing traditional Japanese candles only with the techniques and materials that have preciously been passed down over generations since the Edo period. 

These candles are all made with natural plant-derived materials and handwork that requires so much care, time and skills. The large and gentle flame of the OMORI candles create very special atmosphere which can only be possible from the way that their candles are crafted. These candles produce little soot and wax running so they burn clean - gentle to humans and environment.

2 piece set

Small: 2.7"

Medium: 5.5"