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Natural Fruit & Vege Wash

Made in the states with Australian essential oils.

Sourced from a husband and wife duo in Sonoma, California.

This fruit and vege wash with Mandarin essential oils removes residual pesticides, oils, waxes and agricultural chemicals from fruit and vegetables, and leaves no aftertaste. Even organically grown produce is vulnerable to the effects of drift spray, human handling, mold spores, and dirt. A simple rinse may not suffice. Developed in collaboration with specialist chemists, each formula works as well or better than the chemical alternative and each product is unexpectedly beautiful to use.

Sweet and relaxing, mandarin is a familiar scent in many Australian households. Much like the joy evoked during a fruit-picking session in early spring, the scent of mandarin imbues those who smell it with a sense of happiness, contentment, and calm. Mandarin lends its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

Size: 16.9 oz. 

Care: This product is antibacterial and anti-fungal, and made with carefully measured, safe amounts of native Australian essential oils, which are also certified cruelty-free, allergy safe, and non-toxic. The aim is for the naturopathic benefits of breathing in essential oils as opposed to synthetic scents, so this product is safe in all homes. Packaged in recycled and recyclable bottles.