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Hand + Body Wash Refill

Made with 100% natural ingredients.

An easy, sustainable way to re-up on your favorite wash. Each refill fills 2.5 bottles of the Hand + Body Wash and it’s fully recyclable. An uplifting, velvety and gentle liquid cleanser.

The saponified Coconut and Olive Oils build a bubbly lather that gently cleanse your skin. The naturally-formed Glycerin leaves you feeling moisturized and hydrated. Perfect for all skin types and of course sulfate, phthalate, and detergent-free.

Inspired by Sicilian heritage, which ingrains an understanding that quality and natural ingredients are an essential part of taking care of yourself. This skin-nourishing product has aromatherapeutic scents that transport you to southern Italy. Sharing the joys and efficacy of earth-derived skincare and formulating products that benefit both body and mind.

Size: 32 oz.