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Gobie Decor Stand

Introducing the Gobie Decor Stand, a unique and captivating decorative piece that combines the beauty of distressed wood with small details to create a face-like design. With its light ashy color and carefully crafted features, this stand adds a touch of rustic charm and whimsy to any console table or shelf, becoming an intriguing focal point in your space.

What sets the Gobie Decor Stand apart are the small details that bring its face-like design to life. Delicate carvings and intricately etched lines form eyes, nose, and mouth, creating a visually captivating and intriguing element. These details infuse the stand with a whimsical charm, inviting admiration and sparking conversations.

With its ideal height, the Gobie Decor Stand is perfectly suited for placement on a console table, mantel, or shelf. Its size strikes a balance between being compact enough to fit in various spaces while still commanding attention and making a statement.

Approximate Dimensions (W x H): 7.5" x 15"

*Due to the handmade technique used to create this piece, no two are the same. Slight differences in colors, pits, spots, and dimensions are intentional and should be expected. This is a one-of-one piece created exclusively for you.*