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Flower Pot 06 Beige

Made of stoneware.

Sourced from Belgium.

Expertly crafted in off-white stoneware. The matte exterior and glazed interior create a stunning contrast, adding depth to your space. With a modern city vibe, these vases and pots are sure to make a statement. 

Size: 17.32 L x 11.22 W x 12.99 H in.

Care: For indoor use only. Stoneware is made of clay but fired at a higher temperature thus more durable than other types of ceramics. This firing process results in a nonporous and liquid resistant material. Stoneware is durable and tends to be more rustic in it's appearance. As is true with all forms of clay products, imperfections are part of the process and we celebrate them in making each piece unique. Dishwasher safe, but hand washing extends the life of a piece.