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FKM Ferm hand broom

We have been involved in greening materials for over 70 years since our predecessor, Yoji Fukami, started and established the production of hemp palm rope at his home around 1950. All of our fern brooms are made in Japan by skilled craftsmen. We have learned the traditional manufacturing method in Kyoto and improved upon it to create our original products. Each broom is carefully produced by hand by craftsmen, and the difference between our brooms and mass-produced products is obvious. We hope that our customers will be able to clean up their minds and homes. Our craftsmen are making them with great care so that you will be able to clean up and smile. All of our Fern Brooms are made in Japan by skilled craftsmen. It can quickly clean up fallen leaves around flower beds and pots.

The fibers are a little hard, so please refrain from using this broom in places where it is easily scratched.

H 32cm , W 3cm