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Faja Table Runner

Under the Bough textiles are made of simple, unhurried things—of cotton and kindness, of the slow, steady rhythm of hands and feet plying the large handmade looms, of imperfectness and quiet, of dyes created on site, the dyed yarn drying under the sun on lines just beyond the looms, of family and sincerity, of traditions humble and unbroken.

Over time, they grow soft and supple, consoling and gentle. A beauty born of authenticity and the vitality of process. Under the Bough textiles are made for living, meant to be used, to grow with you, its character changing over time quietly in the background of your beautiful story.

Because each runner is handcrafted, slight variations in appearance and color may occur, making each one unique.

  • Dimensions:  90"
  • 100% cotton
  • Handmade in Paraguay

Wash separately in cold water on a gentle setting. Tumble dry on a delicate cycle just long enough to remove moisture, then air dry flat to finish. May be dry cleaned.