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Eucalyptus Mushroom Sculpture: Small

These hand crafted wooden mushrooms can be used in your garden, home or in children’s play.Create a fairy garden or use it as a doorstop, whatever the purpose it is sure to be a hit.

This piece is hand carved from a single piece of sustainably sourced Blue Gum wood, a form of eucalyptus found throughout southeast Africa. The species is invasive in South Africa, and systematic removal of the wood protects native forests, making the piece both beautiful and eco-friendly. The pieces are polished to a raw, natural sheen, and the dense wood can also be displayed outdoors, weathering beautifully over time. Crafted to endure the test of time, these African sculptures mature with elegance, developing a captivating gray patina and acquiring unique, intricate cracks as the wood becomes increasingly resilient.

Measurements: Small 7.5-9"H

Materials: Sustainably sourced Eucalyptus Wood

Color: Natural Wood