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Ceramic Vase Adobe x JP

Handmade by Jaspert Pottery in Oceanside, CA

This collection of unique vases are made exclusively for Adobe. Handmade and glazed, each one slightly different.  We have chosen to keep the raw unglazed clay on the exterior of the vase to add dimension and texture. Insides are glazed allowing the vases to be water tight. 

No. 1  Approximately 5.5" H ;Opening 3" D

No. 2  Approximately 6" H; Opening 1" D

No. 3 Approximately 7" H ;Opening 2" D

No. 4 Approximately 7.5" H ;Opening 1" D

No. 5 Approximately 6" H ;Opening .5" D

No. 6 Approximately 4" H ;Opening 1.25" D

No. 7 Approximately 3.75" H ;Opening 1.5" D